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SaaStr Annual



March 11, 2020

A Very Special, Invite-Only Event-Within-an-Event.

Within The #1 Cloud Event in the World.

Lessons shared, questions answered, issues discussed

Leaders in G2000 enterprises and leading SaaS and cloud vendors share strategies, learnings, and issues in a completely off-the-record format.

Exclusive 1:1s
Connecting the Leaders in Innovation with the
Leaders in Industry

Our meeting concierge will organize your meetings to get you with
the people you need to talk with. Smart, focused, and efficient with your time.

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Leading VCs
Learn About the Emerging SaaS Leaders

Leading venture capital and private equity investors will discuss the trends they are investing in and why you should care. This is no dog-and-pony show, these are the trends that will affect your business in the months and years to come.


Driving Innovation

Meet, hear from, and share learnings with the top CXOs and CIOs
from leaders including Symantec, BT, Box, Uber, P&G, and 100+ more.


Inside SaaStr Annual

SaaStr Annual is the world’s largest non-vendor Cloud/SaaS event. It attracts 15,000 business software founders, executives and VCs. Join the CXO Summit, and then enjoy the rest of Annual as well. Incredible sessions with the CEOs of Slack, Atlassian, Mulesoft, Box, MongoDB, Qualtrics, New Relic, Zoom, and 100s more.


Press? Email media@saastrinc.com for press & media opportunities.


The Top Next-Generation CEOs

Meet and connect with the top CEO, COOs, and more from the leaders in the next generation.
From Stripe to Slack to Zoom to Zuora to G2 to Pendo and more. The break-out next-generation leaders from $20m to $20b in ARR.

Current Leaders Include:


Great VIP Events + Fun

From a CXO Summit-only dinner, to VIP access to our top events, from the Big Party to SaaStr Nights, we’ll ensure it’s one of the most enriching and engagement events of the year.


Past Attendees Include:


Lasting Relationships

The SaaStr CXO Summit is designed to help you build new and lasting relationships across The Cloud.